User is in control
User’s Protection

OLegacy's Strengths.

User is in control.

User’s Private Keys = User’s Wallets = User’s O Tokens = User’s Ownership of Gold

  • OLegacy does not store or have access to user’s private keys, and their safekeeping is the user’s responsibility.
  • OLegacy does not have access to user’s wallets, and the same are only accessible by the user; either via the OLegacy Platform or the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • OLegacy does not keep the user’s O Tokens in a central wallet, while reflecting the balance in a virtual wallet or user’s account. User’s O Tokens are credited and stored into the user’s blockchain based ERC20 wallet, which is verifiable on the Ethereum public blockchain via
  • The OLegacy Gold Coins are stored at an independent 3rd party international vaulting company that will only handover the gold to the O Token holder / redeemer.

User’s funds in a segregated / allocated bank account

Whether the user is funding his OLegacy Currency Account to purchase O Tokens Or redeemed O Tokens for FIAT Currency and the proceeds are credited into his OLegacy Currency Account, funds are maintained in a segregated / allocated bank account at a UK based bank, managed by an independent 3rd party FCA regulated custodian company.

User’s Protection.

  • OLegacy has no access to user’s wallets, private keys or O Tokens.
  • OLegacy has no access to user’s gold, which is available in several locations around the world.
  • OLegacy has no access to users’ funds.
  • OLegacy Platform accounts, wallets and critical transactions are protected by:
  • Top notch cyber security protocols
  • Passwords
  • Email verification
  • Email confirmation
  • MFA
  • Private keys
  • OLegacy Platform records are:
  • Recorded in a distributed ledger
  • Backed up in 2 different location
  • Sent to the auditors on daily basis
  • Copy of the OLegacy Platform is planned to be held / backed up with a software escrow service provider.