OLegacy Gold Coin.

Golden Coin
Golden Coin

OLegacy Gold Coin (otherwise known as the "OLGC") is a reference to the physical gold coins held in third party vaults, and each OLGC constitutes 1 Troy Ounce of 999.9 Fine Gold.

An OLegacy Gold Coin (OLGC) is:

  • Minted by OECD compliant refineries as 1 OLGC = 1 Oz. 999.9 Fine Gold Coin = 1,000 O Tokens.
  • Tested by an ISO 17025certified precious metals testing, inspection and sampling laboratories.
  • Vaulted at a top tier international third-party vaulting company.
  • Insured.
  • Audited by one of the top tier international auditing firms.
  • Confirmed to be the legal property of O Tokens’ holder, to redeem at any given time (minimum 1,000 OTokens to redeem 1 OLGC).
  • Each OLGC has the following specification;
32.7mm (1.287 inches)
2.95mm (0.116 inches)
Gross Weight
1 Troy Ounce (31.1034768 grams)
Fineness (purity)

The number of vaulted OLGCs is directlylinked to the number of generated O Tokens in circulation.